Voice Lessons & Performance Workshops

Showoffs offers private voice lessons, as well as one-on-one training in confidence, performance and presentation skills.

Whether you’re a public speaker, an beginner singer, a performer, a total non-performer, or even a shy office worker who would like to either speak with more volume and confidence at work, or have the courage to belt out a song at a karaoke bar, Showoffs will improve your vocal skills and bring out your personality as well as help you control and overcome the nerves and anxieties that stop you from performing your best.


Private 1on1 Voice & Performance Coaching

Private 1on1 Voice & Performance Coaching

Showoffs Studio is available to all skill levels. These 50-minute private coaching sessions are customized for singing, speaking, work presentations or general confidence, as well as coaching for speeches and special public speaking events such as Toastmaster competitions.  We will concentrate on working with your unique vocal challenges and goals, such as:

  • Proper Warm-up Exercises
  • Breath Control
  • Pitch and Vibrato
  • Strength and Power
  • Dynamics and Phrasing
  • and more

Your confidence will build as you expand your repertoire, develop your vocal range, and discover your unique style. Contact Showoffs today, to arrange for a free trial session/vocal assessment.


Group Performance Classes

Group Performance Classes

Does being in the spotlight make you nervous?  Do you feel uneasy or intimidated when performing, giving a speech, doing a presentation at work or even talking to fellow workers? With Showoffs’ proven techniques and lighthearted approach, your discomfort will begin to fade after just one session

Students of all vocal abilities prepare songs to sing live among classmates each week.  Through these mini-performances, the Coach (Art Nefsky) identifies your particular performance obstacles, addresses vocal technique and concentrates on providing effective performance exercises.

The Performance workshop is a fun and exciting class for people from all walks of life. Showoffs has helped thousands over its 28 year history to improve their voice, confidence, stage presence and performance skills, as well as help them overcome the fear of singing, speaking or performing in public.

Contact Showoffs today to reserve your space, and start lighting up the stage!

Voice Lessons For Kids

Voice Lessons For Kids

Showoffs Studio is a positive and welcoming environment for kids 8 yrs. and up to hone their voices and build their confidence. These 50-minute private lessons will entail a combination of singing and performance exercises to further develop their expressiveness, vocal projection, and self-esteem. They can even track their progress by singing and recording their favorite songs.

Children can take this skill set and apply it to other aspects of their life such as school presentations, public speaking, and making new friends.

Contact Showoffs today, to have your child enrolled in a fun and non-intimidating environment.