• Private 1 on 1 Voice/Singing Lessons| Performance Coaching

    Get customized instruction in Toronto from vocal/performance coach, Art Nefsky.


  • Build Confidence With Group Performance Classes

    Overcome your shyness or nerves and speak, sing or perform with confidence in public, on stage or at the office.

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  • Total Beginners Welcome!

    Learn in a friendly and non-intimidating environment. We'll help you find your voice and express your personality.


  • Voice Lessons For Kids!

    Kids can develop their voices, confidence, and self-esteem while having fun singing and recording their favorite songs.

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Improve Vocal Technique

Simple yet effective voice exercises to improve speaking or singing.

Improve breath control, projection, range and pitch.

Help in controlling vocal challenges such as stuttering/stammering.

Coaching for singing, speeches, presentations, and public speaking competitions.

Eliminate Performance Anxiety

Practical and proven exercises to overcome shyness and self-consciousness.

Overcome fears of public speaking or singing.

Speak or sing with confidence and commitment.

We can take withering wallflowers and turn them into confident and charismatic performers.

Boost Stage Presence

Learn how to connect with and hold an audience.

Discover and refine your unique performance style and personality.

Loosen up, have fun and learn how to enjoy being in the spotlight.

  • "I took 4 lessons. The difference from the first to the second was substantial, but the difference from the first to the last was incredible!"

    -Tim Progosh

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  • "Showoffs helped me find my voice"

    -Deborah Smyth

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  • "I was singing with more confidence and freedom"

    -Anne Martin

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  • "This has been such a liberating experience for me"

    -Cathy Sanchez

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  • "I was truly amazed at the incredible transformation that took place in myself..."

    -Micki Moore

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  • "This is a huge transformation at my age, 52"

    -John Church

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About Showoffs Studio

Located in downtown Toronto, Showoffs offers private or group training in voice, confidence, performance and presentation skills. Improve your voice, intonation (pitch), range, tone, power and breath control. Perform like a pro with confidence, charisma and stage presence and overcome your fears of singing, speaking or performing in public.

Whether you’re a public speaker, an aspiring or experienced singer, a performer, a total non-performer, or even a shy office worker who would like to either speak with more volume and confidence at work, or have the courage to belt out a song at a karaoke bar, Showoffs will improve your vocal skills and bring out your personality as well as help you control and overcome the nerves and anxieties that stop you from performing your best.

Contact moc.y1524489010ksfen1524489010@tra1524489010 to arrange for a free trial session/vocal assessment.  (Online sessions are now available).

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